External Training Videos

You want to make sure your customers have a great experience with your products. Part of this is making sure they understand how your products work. That’s where external training videos can become your best friend.

Different from “How-to” videos, where you highlight a process featuring your product, training videos take a deep dive into your product and highlight how it works, how it can be used, and provide step-by-step instructions that leave nothing to the imagination.

Training videos are especially great if you have a complex or technical product. Depending on your product, some training videos can be created with a simple screen recording and voiceover. However, if you have a more complex product, you might require some additional video production equipment to truly capture the essence of how your product works.

Or even better, you can hire an outside video production company that will make sure your vision comes alive. Training videos are a great tool to help onboard a new customer. For this reason, they work well in the retention stage of the video marketing funnel. Then can be used on your website, product pages, blogs and even on social media.

External training videos will help smooth out the process for your customers and make sure they are getting the most out of your products!

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