Event Videos

Along with an event comes endless possibilities for you to find creative ways to make your event a more unique and pleasurable experience for the attendees. A great and effective way to do this is by incorporating videos into your live event.

Using video during your events keeps your audience entertained and engaged. Open up with an inspiring video that gets your audience excited and sets a precedent for the rest of your event. Is your event speech-heavy? Try using a pre-recorded interview of a VIP or footage that corresponds with what you’re talking about. This helps break up speaking time and refocuses your audience’s attention.

During breaks, while your guests are mingling, you can use silent videos. These videos can highlight different areas of your event, your business, or your brand. If it’s spanning over multiple days, end the day with daily wrap up videos. Wrap up videos can be easily made on-site throughout the day.

There are so many possibilities for videos to be intertwined with your event to help spice things up. Think about if you were attending your own event- what are some things you’d like to see?

Also, don’t forget to use this time to your advantage. Events bring together an atypical group of people which makes it a great time to film content to use in the future- testimonials, short interviews, recap footage, footage for next year’s teaser video. You have everything you need right in front of you!

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