8 Types of Videos To Use for Your Business

Whether you’re looking to boost your brand’s marketing efforts, level up your business operations, or simply make a stronger impression with your target audience, video content is an excellent way to reach your goals. There are multiple types of videos to consider making depending on your end goal and what you want to do. Here, we’ll dive into a variety of videos and the ways they can accomplish your content goals. 

1. Orientation and Onboarding

Orientation and onboarding videos are perfect for bringing team members on board and bringing them up to speed quickly. If your team members need to be shown the company values and basics of the job these videos are perfect. These videos are perfect to set up new employees for success at the company level. They can be animated or not.

2. Explainer

These videos are perfect for the beginner stages of sales or understanding. It helps customers understand and gather basic information about a service or product before exploring if they need/want it. Many of these videos use animation as a way to simplify complex messages. Explainer videos answer the question of “what’s in it for me?”.

3.  Demonstration

These videos are perfect for helping customers determine if they are going to buy or not, they push them over the ledge. Demo videos do this by showing the customer the value of the product. Demo videos are the second-largest invested video type for companies.

4. Meet the Team

These are the perfect videos to connect with a customer base about who you are and what culture your company represents. People want to feel like they’re helping a company that’s in line with what they believe and value. If you make a customer feel like your team is a happy family, they’re more likely to connect. These videos are also great for new employees to meet the team and understand the leadership structure. You can quickly get them up to speed on understanding the workplace dynamic.

5.  Educational Videos

Educational videos are a must for any company and have to be budgeted for. These types of videos are helpful because they give your audience value in exchange for their time. If your customers are asking questions and your content videos answer them there is a good chance that their search results will bring them to your site.

6. Training

These types of videos are great for newer employees that need a helping hand or a simple reminder on how things work. By using video to train employees you save yourself time and you don’t have to pull away another employee to train them. You can use the same video multiple times for multiple people.

7. Testimonial

With a customer testimonial video, you allow potential customers to see how satisfied actual customers were. You allow them to see into how the product helped them and if they would recommend it. These videos act as direct recommendations for your product. Honest reviews can change a customer’s mind about buying or convince them to buy. That’s what makes testimonial videos so valuable.

8.  Promo/Hype

These are perfect for brand awareness and to get traffic to your site. Promo videos work great for large events and creating talk around your business/product. Most companies already have text-based content marketing assets—like reports or guides—to promote, and one of the best ways to make the most of these pieces is with a fun video designed to promote more downloads.

Already know what you want to create? Or maybe you need help in determining the right types of video content to reach your audience and your goals? Reach out to AJI Media today to partner with you in creating something incredible.

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