The Explainer Video

In a previous article, we got you thinking about telling your company’s story with video. However, it’s possible you may have already tackled your company story, or perhaps there really isn’t a “story” worth telling—and that’s OK. We’re sure your products or services are worthy of an engaging video, and that’s where “The Explainer Video” comes in.

You’ve got some explaining to do

Think about it: how many times have you been on a company’s website and thought, “What does this company even DO?” or “How does their product of service actually work?”  You need to clearly articulate this information before your visitor leaves your site and moves on to the next one. Why not do it with an engaging video?

While it’s easy to simply create a laundry list of your products’ features, what you really want to do is focus on the problem that you are solving. That’s where explainers are especially effective. In a short amount of time, you can clearly articulate your solution to the viewer’s problem. You can play on your viewer’s feelings, empathize with them, let them know that YOU know how difficult this particular problem can be, and clearly demonstrate how your product can help.

The other great thing about explainer videos is that because they’re so short, you can use them anywhere. Place it in a primo spot on your homepage, feature it on your YouTube channel, and post it to all of your social media accounts.

If you need some ideas, it’s always fun to check out the competition to see what others have done with product explainer videos.

Believe it or not, explainer videos can also be used to promote events:

Things to remember:

  • Short and sweet – Remember: 30 to 90 seconds. Two minutes tops. If your script is too long, edit, edit, edit.
  • Problem and solution – Focus on ONE problem and ONE solution for this video. Have more products and services? GREAT! That gives you more material for further product explainer videos.
  • Best used in the consideration stage – In this stage of the purchasing funnel your customer is doing research to determine the best way to solve their problem, so explainers work well here. Place these videos on your website’s homepage, YouTube, and other searchable sites.

A great explainer video should quickly boil your product or service down to its essence, give your company credibility, and ultimately inspire your audience to make a purchasing decision. 

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