Why You Should Be Using Video For Internal Organization Communication

Why You Should Be Using Video For Internal Organization Communication

It’s no secret that good communication is the key to success in any business. However, deciding which mode of communication is the most successful can be daunting.

There’s email, which has been one of the main choices of communication since the internet began. It is a great tool, and oftentimes it works like a charm. The main issue surrounding emails is the fact that many workers receive them in bulk. This can lead to your email being skimmed through or just flat-out ignored.

Since the pandemic gave rise to a much higher number of remote workers, online meetings have taken a top spot when it comes to workplace communication. If you can line up everyone’s schedules, it is the perfect way to discuss important matters. However, that is a big “if.” 

This is why videos are such an important tool when it comes to effectively engaging employees. We are visual creatures, and it is proven that we retain more information when it is conveyed through visuals rather than text.

What Is So Great About Videos?

Videos can replace several other methods of communicating, which will help clear your calendar. By producing an internal video for your staff, you can eliminate the email you were going to send with the same information, as well as forget about lining up everyone’s schedule for a team meeting.

When there is something important to discuss, you simply record a quick video with the topics that need to be addressed and send it off. Studies show that viewers retain 95% of the message being conveyed if it is shown through video.

This creates a happier workforce, and with many workers these days feeling rather disillusioned with the company they work for, it is a great chance to showcase the importance of the work being conducted.

Video Is Simply The Preferred Method Of Communication

With so many young people entering the workforce, the need for more visual content is at an all time high. There is a desire amongst Gen Z and Millenials to receive information via internal video, rather than a long imageless email that can be tough to process.

However, it isn’t just the young generations of workers who enjoy the clarity of internal videos. Surveys conducted show that 48% of workers of all age groups prefer video over text, while 37% prefer text with images, and a low 15% who would rather text. This can include general communication, training, updates, and more.

People Enjoy A Personal Touch

With many companies recruiting workers from all over the world, a video can add a nice personal touch to the workplace. Seeing your coworkers rather than simply receiving an influx of text, can create happier employees who are more likely to stay.

Creating a strong and unified team can be difficult, especially if you have a high turnover rate. The key to keeping production high as well as morale is through this personal connection that videos allow.

Internal Videos Are Cost-Effective

When you’re creating videos for clients, you might need to put some work into it, but when you’re simply telling your team something in an internal video, it doesn’t need to be fancy. You can sit in front of your webcam or share your screen.

This way it isn’t time-consuming, or cost-effective. You simply create a short video with all of the essential information and it can take the place of other text-heavy methods of communication.

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