Short Form Video Hooks That Will Get Your Videos Noticed

Short Form Video Hooks That Will Get Your Videos Noticed

If you’ve ever gone down the rabbit hole of TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or any other short-form video content, the culprit is often a great hook. Today, we’re talking about how your short-form video can instantly grab the viewers’ attention in that same way. 

What is a Hook?

As with the refrain of any hit song, the hook of your video is the line that intrigues the audience to keep watching (Or, in the case of a great song, listening). 

It’s the central message of your content, but packaged in a way that makes it engaging and sparks curiosity for the rest of what you have to say. The value you offer your audience. The information you’re about to give them. 

A hook is critically important in a space like short-form video where there is an abundance of content to scroll through. You only have a few seconds to entice the viewer to stick around, so it’s important to make it count.

In this blog, we’re sharing 5 of our favorite, most compelling hooks that you can use for any kind of short-form content you may be creating to maximize your video’s impact.

5 Short-Form Video Hooks to Try

1. “We’re sharing a secret about ____.” 

Everyone loves a secret. Very often, viewers will stick around for this kind of hook simply out of curiosity. This is fantastic for companies or organizations looking to build awareness for their brand or product because you can create that interest right off the bat. Then, it’s up to your knowledge, tips, tricks, solutions, etc. to keep their attention with the “secrets” you share. 

2. “This tip/video is for _____” 

When you name your audience, you immediately identify the type of person you want to speak to. This accomplishes a few goals. One being that someone in your niche is likely to feel like “That’s me!” and be compelled to see what you have to say. The other goal this achieves is helping you create a more focused video for the audience you want to reach, and curating your message accordingly. 

3. “You’ll wish you knew _____ sooner…”

This particular hook is great for tips,products, or services that save your viewer time, money, or stress. Catch their attention with this line and then share whatever it is that your brand can help them with. 

The key here is to share an actual solution rather than just “Our Brand.” You’ll want to ensure you’re providing real value, rather than instructing the audience to admire your company. Give them a practical tip or advice that they really will wish they had known before coming across your content! 

4. “We did _____ so you don’t have to”

Whether you’re trying out an innovative approach to a problem, a new product, or a trend, this line is a great attention-grabbing option for short-form video. 

This could be used for comparing several of your offerings to one another, trying a new method of using a product that you sell, or experimenting with a trend in your niche. The options are endless! 

5. “If you struggle with _____, listen up!”

Similarly to hook #2 on this list, this line allows you to speak directly to the audience you want to target. By connecting with those who have a specific experience or problem, you set yourself and position your brand as the expert in that space, whatever it may be. 

Grab Their Attention Every Time

If you’re interested in creating content in the short-form space, you must understand that you’ll have major competition. In order to best combat the others who are attempting to reach the same audience as you, your brand must prioritize grabbing the attention of the audience as quickly as possible.

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