Vertical Video

For some, it’s hard to use and connect to vertical over horizontal video. But despite some restraints vertical video puts on shot composition, it does communicate the most effectively in one very important way.

So why use vertical video? Well, it’s optimized to play on the devices where most of your audience will watch your videos – on their smartphones! And the vertical format of the smartphone doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

In 2019, Facebook Business conducted a study that found 65% of consumers find brands advertising with vertical video to be more innovative. They also found that 79% of video consumers prefer the vertical format and find it to be more engaging.

It can be hard to adjust to filming vertically, especially for experienced shooters. But it’s a great time to put on your creative cap and push yourself outside of your comfort zone! This will be the most impactful way to ensure the best experience for your mobile audience. Not only will you create a better experience, but vertically filmed videos also give an immediate sense of intimacy.

Intimacy may not strike you as a key aspect at first. But social media has trained our brains to associate this format of video with being filmed firsthand by an individual, automatically giving it a personal feel. This helps your audience connect with the main character easier. In addition, your subject is pretty much forced to be the focal point and center of attention. This helps to quickly enhance the relationship between the story, the main character, and the viewer.

So while these videos may not be one of your favorite things to shoot, they can sure help you out a TON on the marketing side of things!

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