Using Voiceovers

A voiceover can propel your video from being good to being great. Stick around and find out how voiceovers can be a real game-changer for your video!

If your video needs a voiceover, you should know and plan for that from the very beginning. The best voiceovers are built during pre-production and worked into the video’s outline and script.

This is because a great voiceover needs to provide its own purpose. They should drive your narrative and vocalize your video’s key ideas. If your video is virtually the same without the voiceover, you most likely should not be using it.

Whether you’re recording your own voiceover or are using outside help – be picky. Your voiceover quality directly correlates to the quality of your overall video. Sound quality and tone are two of the most important factors! If the voice is not matching the feel and tone of your video, do not use it! It’s not worth the risk of potentially confusing your viewers.

Voiceovers represent the personality of your video so your goal is to use the “personality” your target audience will respond to best. And if you’re choosing a boring and mundane voice, that’s exactly what your video will be. And you didn’t put in all that hard filming work for nothing!

So use a variety of different voices and emphasis and use whichever suits your video best!

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