Why Your Business Needs a Company Story Video

The primary function of a Company Story video is to build trust with your audience by humanizing your brand. This must be a part of your video marketing strategy whether you’re a newcomer to the market or an already established player.

Why story?

A story-driven or “docu-marketing” film invites your audience to look behind the curtain and see what makes you tick—what it is that drives you. It allows them to experience your product or service through story. This creates a strong emotional connection with your brand and cuts much deeper than facts or figures. In fact, Cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner’s research suggests we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it’s delivered within a story. So what better way to stand out among your competition than with a short film people will remember?

Maybe you have heard the old adage, “People buy from people.” A Company Story video lets your audience meet you before you meet them. Allowing them to see you in your environment and meet the people behind your business makes you more than just another faceless brand. More and more, people are making purchasing decisions based on emotion over reason. Visual storytelling allows you to appeal to their heart; not just their bottom line.

The Company Story is essentially what you tell people at parties when they ask, ‘So, what is it that you do?’  With video, it becomes more than just an elevator pitch or Reader’s Digest version of your Vision and Mission statements.

How to Get Started:

When developing your story-line, consider these points:

  1. Think about how your brand was born, what makes your product unique, and what sets you apart from your competition.
  2. Find a problem, or an obstacle that needed to be solved in order for your company to succeed—because every good story needs SOME conflict.
  3. Decide what your audience should be left with. It can be anything from a call-to-action to a sales pitch or even just knowing what you’re all about.

Things to remember:

  • Keep It Personal – Authenticity above all else
  • Play to Your Strengths – Focus on what’s really unique about your company
  • Keep It Brief – Between one and two minutes seems to be the sweet spot

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