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Video is Your Edge in Recruitment Marketing

Top talent is out there, but recruiting is more challenging than ever before. Recruitment videos are the edge your company needs to get that top talent.

Candidates have become very selective about both jobs and companies and have an attention span that is knife-edge narrow. You must do more than catch their attention, you must captivate them, planting a desire to learn more about your company. You need an edge in your recruitment marketing. Video is that edge. 

Here at AJI, we produce business films that empower viewers to make a decision they believe in, including recruiting videos that compel candidates to engage with your company and explore your job opportunities.

Video content is a vital part of how we absorb information today. 80% of Americans agreed that a recruiting video would help them better understand a job opportunity in which they are interested, incentivizing them to learn more. Capturing the hearts and minds of top candidates is imperative in your recruiting campaigns. Recruiting videos bring that to life, allowing recruiters to both show and tell their message. 

AJI Media has the knowledge and expertise to produce high-quality video content.  We understand the elements necessary for a successful recruiting video. Our proven approach includes the following elements: 

Engage your audience by capturing their attention. We’ll provide essential information about your organization, highlighting what makes you unique. We’ll also show off your physical space to give viewers a more concrete vision of your working environment, indicating it as a place they’ll feel energized to work.

Tell a story about your organization.  This involves promoting your mission and culture while differentiating you from your competitors.  We will also humanize your brand by highlighting people to whom the viewer can relate.  This lets them imagine fitting in and being a part of your organization.  Here, it’s important to be authentic, avoiding corporate language and buzzwords that are likely to be turn-offs to many viewers.  

Move the viewer to action by giving them a sense of what to expect from you, and what would come next for them in the recruiting and application process.  This also includes providing a final opportunity to learn more about your company, perhaps directing them to a landing page with more detailed information, and a final encouragement to apply with your organization.

You need a media production company that has deep experience and understands your recruiting needs and how video can be used to meet them. At AJI Media, we believe that video production is an investment that brings you a valuable return. 

It is more difficult than ever to fill positions. Video gives your recruitment marketing the edge you need. We will partner with you to plan and produce a video strategy to engage with top candidates, tell the story of your company and open positions, as well as move those candidates to apply. Don’t let another top candidate skim over your job posts only to land at the next company.  

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