Online Commercials

Commercials are everywhere! You can’t escape them. So, if you can’t beat em, join em! But with so many out there, how can you get the best audience response out of your commercials?

Commercials are one of the most consumed forms of video and sit at the top of the marketing funnel in the awareness stage – where potential customers are finding out who you are and how you can help them. That being said, commercials should be relatable to a wide demographic. You want to pull in and engage as many viewers as possible.

What’s Your Purpose?

Every commercial needs to have a clear purpose. While you’re creating your script think about whether you’re trying to convince someone to make a purchase, if you’re informing the audience about a new product or service you’re providing, or if you’re just simply wanting to bring awareness to your brand. Make sure the audience can quickly understand your offer and how it benefits them, or they will likely move on.

It’s critical to do the proper research and understand your target audience before making a commercial, as you will likely be paying for every impression.

Regardless, by the end of your commercial, you want your viewer to be able to make an association between your business and a positive emotion. Whether that’s humor, happiness, hopefulness, satisfaction…that’s all up to you and how you conduct your commercial! And don’t forget to end your commercials with a firm call to action. Give the viewers a clear next step to drive them further down the sales funnel and closer to becoming your next customer.

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