Live Action Whiteboard Videos

While animated whiteboard videos are great, you can also film yourself using a whiteboard to convey an important message!

We all know that whiteboard videos are a great way to easily engage your audience. However, if you decide to film your whiteboard video instead of animating it, there are a few key tips you should follow.

Make sure to take time to perfect your lighting! Light the presenter and the whiteboard in a way that eliminates all shadows and glares. Both of these are extremely distracting to the viewers and will drastically decrease the overall quality of your video.

  • Use an above average camera that will allow you to manually focus on the presenter or the white board to eliminate the worries of “out of focus” text or images. Just like animated white board videos the quality of your voiceover and soundtrack is vital to the overall effectiveness of your video.
  • Your presenter should be in an isolated, echo-free area and always check your audio before and during filming. Choose a soundtrack that is lively without being distracting.

All of these things may sound relatively easy, but they’re also easy to mess up. Take your time with each one of these steps and perfect them as much as you can. Since these videos don’t have a lot of moving parts, mistakes like these really stick out. But when done correctly, live action whiteboard videos are great for your social media presence and are sure to keep your audience entertained!

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