Animated Whiteboard Videos

Sometimes it can be hard to keep educational videos interesting. Animated whiteboard videos are a great way to keep your viewers entertained while saving a buck or two along the way!

What are Animated Whiteboard Videos?

Animated whiteboard videos provide an exciting way to share your message by featuring an animated hand drawing out engaging images on the screen. They can be fairly easy to make and there are a variety of online services to help you do it. If you’re unsure of what these videos are, you’ve most likely seen them before and didn’t realize. They feature a drawing hand, typically in black and white with pops of color to highlight important information. They are perfect for breaking down intricate procedures or explaining detailed information in an interesting way.


Firstly, start by creating a great script and storyboard to make sure you’re conveying your points clearly. After that, think about the production of the video. Focus on making sure your video is entertaining and has constant movement. You can also include a voiceover and soundtrack to really raise the production value. Above all, showing the drawing hand is the most important production factor. This will prevent the viewer from getting lost and keep them interested and wanting to know what will be drawn next.

Animated whiteboard videos are a great way to utilize video in your marketing strategy, without having to invest in expensive film crews and equipment!

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