Event Production in the Era of "These Uncertain Times"

Over the past several years, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a wave of change that has swept across all industries. Many sectors lost significant numbers of customers as well as overall revenue. Working remotely has become commonplace. Safety concerns are paramount for event production in uncertain times. Businesses have had to adjust their expectations, strategies, and methods to adapt and survive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a fast-moving, dynamic, and ever-changing environment, and the event production industry has risen to the challenge in new and innovative ways that allow events and information sharing to continue despite these challenges. The good news is the demand for products and services in the event industry is making a comeback. Implementing methods and principles adapted to today’s conditions will lead to successful events.

While it may not be possible to hold a fully “disruption-proof” event, there are options and strategies that will allow effective events to be held in the post-pandemic world.

In-Person vs. Remote Events

Among other things, the past two years have been a large-scale experiment in virtual and remote communication. Zoom and other video conferencing products are in widespread use.

Statistics have shown that remote workers enjoy the freedom that working remotely brings and they are actually more productive. Yet we all know that personal contact can be a critical component of professional success.

Where does that leave event production? Well, over the course of the last few years, event production teams have been forced to gain knowledge and understanding of navigating changing protocols and recommended precautions. This has brought the industry to a point where it is poised to respond to new challenges. 

Your keynote speaker canceled at the last minute? Bring in a replacement virtually! Budgets don’t allow for hotel stays and event space rentals? Host a hybrid event and avoid those costs altogether!

 Overall, it’s best to plan events with a responsive and flexible strategy.

Precautions for a Streamlined Event

It’s important to note that safety guidelines and local protocol are still evolving. We always recommend consulting local guidelines, corporate policy, etc. when determining the best ways to navigate an event in the current climate. That said, here are a few considerations that tend to be universal regardless of where you are and what type of event you’re planning for: 

  • Logistics to consider include creating lower wait times, shorter and distanced queueing and lines, and reduced human interaction where possible.
  • Certain demographics are more likely to enjoy virtual event platforms and not having to personally attend events, while others prefer in-person events.
  • Virtual events are quite different from in-person events and must be thoughtfully planned around the event content and schedule.
  • Many virtual delivery platforms are now in use and selection should be based on the needs of each event.

Partner with a Professional

If you ned help pivoting, AJI Media has decades of experience in event staging and production. We understand that the most important aspects to you are creative design, impactful concepts, and seamless technology. Each of these must be considered within the challenges of the post-pandemic world.

Our team will start by understanding your event needs, guide you through the early stages of planning, and help you develop a strategy. Our expertise will help you avoid common pitfalls in vendor selection, agenda development, and supplier management, which leads to reduced costs. We will help you navigate these hurdles and assist you in creating and executing a safe, effective event, whichever type of event makes sense for your business. 

We are dedicated to helping you deliver your message! Learn more about our event production services here.

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