Customer Spotlights

Having someone else, especially a customer, promote your business and services goes way farther than speaking highly of yourself. Customer spotlights give the perfect opportunity to positively engage yourself with customers without having to do any of the talking.

The purpose of a customer spotlight is to promote how your service or product makes life easier for current customers. These focus mainly on your customer and their life and less on your specific products.

By the end of the video, the viewer should know about the spotlighted customer’s work or home life, depending on where your product comes into play. The goal is to get the viewer to picture themselves using your product in their own day-to-day life. To do this, film the customer in their natural environment where your product is being used. In addition to your product, these videos should absolutely include B-roll of your customer going about their everyday life. Remember, the main focus is how your product makes their life easier- not your product in general.

Using a customer who is relevant to your most popular demographic is a great way to pull in a larger audience and gain more interest from your ideal buyers. Customer spotlights are much less intense than testimonials and case studies. They’re more light-hearted and meant to intrigue.

Not only can they work beautifully on almost any page or platform of your choosing, but this is the perfect way to self-promote, without actually doing any of the talking!

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