Why You Should Use Animation in Your Next Video Project

What Are Animated Videos?

Film and animation are actually more similar than you may realize. Both are a series of images played so quickly that viewers see movement. The difference between them is that live action film portrays the real world, while animation creates a world of ideals.

Animation starts with ideas and storyboards to plan out the animation. They include backgrounds, colors, cues and sounds. Then an animatic brings the storyboards to life in a simplified animation and allows for music timing and last-minute style changes. Finished projects can range from simple animated text over a colored background, to immersive stories that include powerful narration, animated characters, 3D environments, and sound effects. 

Why People Love Animation

Animated video is now everywhere, from advertising to entertainment and from movies to TV, with a growing popularity online. Snapshot Interactive finds the medium is most useful when you have complex ideas to convey and need complete freedom, allowing animated videos to explain something in a shorter time with both words and visuals.

Animation works for so many people because the medium appeals to our desire for simplified shapes and colors, making any video both attention-grabbing and engaging. People take in what they see and imagine more, creating a deep and emotional bond. Many more platforms now allow animated content, meaning more viewers to learn about your brand. Kasra Design claims studies have shown the two biggest areas of internet activity are social media and video.

The Business Benefits Of Animation

All you need to create animated videos are script writers who can simplify an idea using understandable language, and an animation team to provide engaging visuals. Animation doesn’t require large physical film sets, is easier to plan and schedule, and production teams won’t need to scout locations, apply for filming permits, or hope the weather is nice.

522 Productions points out animation can be quickly changed for different customer personas with simple changes in colors or images. A team can change or take out parts of one animated video for another with faster alterations compared to live video. The only acting required for animation is in the voiceover, which also makes changes easier.

Animation is now within a feasible price point for many businesses, with simple or complex animated videos depending on the budget, meaning that businesses of any size and in any industry can create animation. Animation can easily incorporate brand images, colors and logos from the business. When people see the word “video” they are more likely to click through, and most consumers agree that they have purchased a product or service because of a video.

Animation Ideas To Try

Animated videos make the world brighter in business emails, corporate training, homepage welcome messages, kinetic logos and social media posts. Businesses will create animation to tell people about their latest product, service, ebook, website or white paper.

Explainer Videos are the now-classic way to cover abstract, complex ideas in about a minute. They combine personable narration and colorful, free-flowing visuals to convey a brand’s direction, ideals and purpose. Explainers can include product overviews, how-to videos, educational content, and whiteboard-style animations.

Product Promotions can provide a ton of info and be your sales rep’s best friend. These animated demos let potential customers see a product and how to use it, with features and functions, step-by-step guides, and showing a product in multiple places or under any lighting.

Hybrid Videos combine live action video with animated graphics to emphasize key points and create a more engaging viewing experience. 

If you don’t know what to do for your next animation project, AJI Media has experience in creating animated videos and can share some of their ideas for your business. Get in touch soon to learn more!

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