Welcome Videos

Gaining new customers and clients is a huge deal for a company! It’s important to put all the steps in place to show your new clients how much you value their service and how excited you are to be working with them. A perfect way to do this is with welcome videos!

What is it?

A welcome video is pretty self-explanatory. It’s you, welcoming a new client. This should be one of the first marketing materials a customer encounters after joining or purchasing your service/product. Here are three easy locations to host a welcome video:

  • In a purchase confirmation email
  • On a redirect page after a transaction is made
  • Sent directly to the client via email

Use your customer journey map to help you indicate where your company can utilize a welcome video best.

What content should you include?

Welcome videos can be as intricate or as simple as you’d like. Keeping it quick and to the point? Simply saying “Welcome!” and letting them know how excited you are to embark on a new journey together or highlighting the best ways to use your services will do great! If you’re looking to add a little more value to the video, here are some ideas to include.

  • A guided tour of your website
  • A friendly rundown of your best products
  • Unique company features
  • What their purchase funds go towards (ex. charity)

Regardless of the actual content you decide to put into your welcome videos, be sure to use the proper equipment and editing tools to make these videos visually appealing. Remember that welcome videos ARE your first step to engaging with a new client, so you definitely want to take your time and make sure these videos look good and have value, while still being enjoyable for the viewers.

Start off on the right foot by giving a great first impression!

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