Video Marketing Ideas to Try in 2022

As we approach the new year, many companies begin to rethink their marketing strategies for increased efficiency. Every business needs to develop a solid video marketing strategy! This is because video marketing is increasingly popular and becoming a necessary part of an overall marketing plan. Any business that ignores video marketing as part of its comprehensive plan is missing out on a clear advantage over other competitors. 

In this overview, we’ll provide some tactical strategies to implement some of the most popular and anticipated video marketing trends in 2022 and video marketing ideas to try in this new year!

Getting Started

The first step to getting started with video marketing content is to create a video content schedule. A schedule can help you maintain efficiency and consistency, two of the most important components of marketing. When planning your video marketing schedule, be sure to account for the realistic amount of time it will take to develop video content. Video content can be more labor-intensive and time-consuming when compared to the creation of other types of marketing content.

When creating a video schedule, start small so as not to overwhelm you or your marketing staff. You can always set new goals and you feel out how video marketing is working for your company.

Video Marketing Ideas

The first and most difficult part of creating video content is getting ideas for types of content. These video marketing ideas may help spark some creative ideas:

  • Smartphone Production – One anticipated marketing trend for 2022 is to keep it simple! Simply jumping on stories and creating videos or going live on social media are incredibly effective ways to use video marketing that are simple and accessible.
  • Vlogs– Storytelling is a prime marketing strategy that can be encompassed through vlog content. Research shows that vlogs can help you connect with your consumers and engage the audience. Vlogs can be done through TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and many other platforms. Depending on the products or services your business promotes, vlogs can be adapted to fit your unique needs. Even better, vlogging does not require extensive or expensive budgeting.
  • Live Videos: Following the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns, video content has become more and more popular. Specifically, live videos through platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. Live videos provide real-time viewing and the opportunity to engage consumers in a meaningful way. Many consumers are attracted to live video content as opposed to traditional text content. Creating a schedule for weekly live videos can help your business gain traction and awareness. Even better, live videos also do not require extensive budgeting, as they can be created with limited supplies needed. Changing up your weekly content will keep your audience engaged and interested in coming back weekly for more!
  • Silent Videos: This video marketing idea may come as a surprise, but believe it or not, 85% of videos watched on Facebook are watched without sound. Silent videos give consumers more flexibility to watch when in crowded or loud places, rather than having to wait to watch another time. This means consumers are more likely to view your content at the first glance. Providing captions in your videos can be a great way to advertise via text, while combining with video. Give silent videos a try today!

In 2022, it is expected that video marketing will continue to be a primary form of marketing for those on any budget. It has proven to be effective for small businesses everywhere. Give the video marketing ideas mentioned in this article a try and see how it works for you!

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