Selecting an Interviewee

Whether it’s a testimonial, company story, or employee spotlight – the person being interviewed is essential to making the video a success. So how do you know if you’re selecting an interviewee that’s right for your video?

Well we all love stories with unique and engaging main characters. So that’s who you’re aiming for! Any video you’re creating is for a purpose. Selecting an interviewee who helps serve and prove the purpose of your video along with an interesting, supporting story will help bring life and personality to your video.

An easy way to achieve this is by selecting people who have an authentic connection to your video’s purpose. Most times, you will have the best results with people who are passionate about what they are talking about. And it definitely doesn’t hurt if they’re expressive and personable.

You can feel people out by doing pre-interviews, which is just an informal sit-down or video call. This process will give you a good idea of how they’ll react and respond to you on camera during an actual interview.

The subject of your video can make or break your video, so take your time and don’t choose just anyone. You’ll know when you find the right person!

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