Measuring Your Video's Results

We’ve all heard the quote “persistence is key”, right? Well take it from us, that is not how it works with video marketing and here’s why.

Video marketing isn’t just about producing a great video and crossing your fingers that it’ll have good results. One of the most vital steps to save your time, money, and effort is measuring those results.

You can post the same type of video in the same fashion over and over again, but if you are not measuring your results to see if your method is actually working, you’re just wasting your time. Even if you know your method is working well, there could be better methods to use that you aren’t paying attention to. There are so many ways to measure your video’s results such as the view count, play rate, click-through rate, social sharing, and— if you’re trying to sell a product— the conversion rate.

Here are 7 video metrics to keep an eye on:

  • View Count – Raw number of video views
  • Play Rate – Percentage of a site’s visitors who actually click play
  • Engagement – How much of the video was watched
  • Social Sharing – Number of shares across social channels
  • Click-through Rate (CTR) – Number of viewers who click on your CTA
  • Conversion Rate – Number of leads (form submissions, subscribers, purchases)
  • Feedback – Likes, emojis, comments

Another important factor when using all of this information is to also think about your trends. Many social applications have a stats or analytics page that shows when people most view your page, what days, times, or types of posts do the best. Utilize these to the best of your ability to find your peak performance times and factor these into your results.

Putting together both trends and analytical factors will give you the most accurate results on how your video is performing, whether or not you should keep doing what you’re doing, or if it’s time to switch it up.

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