Livestreaming as A tool for your business

Since the beginning of COVID-19 in early 2020, so much has changed in the world of online streaming. More than ever, people are relying on live video streaming as a primary means of communication, education, and entertainment. This shift in the way people view content presents an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of livestreaming to reach an available and engaged audience.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is exactly what you think – Video content produced live over an internet broadcast. This means that your viewers can watch and connect with your content in real-time. 

Live content continues to gain popularity across platforms including YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, Instagram Live Streaming, and many more. The ability to interact live with brands, influencers, and entertainers is becoming more standard than ever as platforms continue to explore live video capabilities.

How Does Livestreaming Benefit Your Business?

Using live streaming as a business is an incredibly effective way to grow your audience and reach your business goals. As people consume more live video content, businesses must adapt to the way people want to watch content. Some benefits of live streaming include:

  1. Create a Community

Arguably the main reason that live stream content became so popular and engaging in the first place stems from the sense of authenticity. When filming in real-time, viewers get a true sense of the company, products, people. Basically, whatever or whomever the live stream features. Additionally, live stream content allows the host(s) to interact with viewers at the time of filming. Questions, concerns, or clarifications involve the audience in real-time, creating a community-like experience rather than a traditional video experience. 

  1.  Capture an Audience

Live-stream content presents a whole new level of connectedness for internet users all over the world. Whereas an in-person meeting relies on the schedules and the geographic location of the attendees, a live stream includes participants from anywhere. Typically, the business then saves the final video onto a company website or shared via social media. It’s even possible to almost entirely avoid schedule conflicts when using a live-stream approach.

  1. Maximize Your Budget

The budget is often a deciding factor when it comes to making decisions related to video production and content creation. Live-streaming outranks full production video creation in this area by a long shot. High-end production-style videos typically take several days to shoot and many more to edit and produce. However, a live stream is low maintenance in comparison. Of course, the live stream requires preparation and set up, but everything else gets captured as it happens in real-time. Less time in editing, less production, and fewer crew members involved translates to an overall lower cost for you.

We get it – a live-stream video or event may seem overwhelming. Our full-service video production team has years of experience in bringing your businesses’ message to life through live-stream video content. We walk you through every step of production, from strategy and planning to the final execution. 

Let’s get the conversation started! Schedule a discovery session today to talk about how live streaming or any of our video production services may be the right fit for your business.

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