How to Reach Your Audience More Effectively with Video Marketing

Cutting through the noise and reaching your target client or customer has never been more challenging than it is right now. With the ever-increasing competitive online environment, leveraging the power of video marketing is more important than ever to the success of a business. In fact, 84% of consumers say that watching a video from a company across their socials, YouTube channel, website or even paid ads convinced them to purchase a product. Your customers want to learn about your brand before they buy, and video marketing can help you reach them more than any other medium.

First Things First: Get To Know Your Customer

While video marketing can help you reach your target audience more effectively than just about any other form of media, you have to truly know who they are before you can get started.

Narrowing down your audience allows you to tailor your messaging to them, saving you time and money by putting your services in front of the right eyes. A useful tactic to gain insight into your consumer base is to create a profile for your ideal customer. This profile should be populated both with information collected from your current customer base and your own research. The following data will help you build a composite customer:

  • The basics: Age, occupation, income?
  • How do they spend their time online? Shopping, gaming, posting?
  • What problems might they have (that you can solve)?
  • What objections may they have to your product or service?

From here, it’s your job to always have your customer in mind when marketing your brand. Think first and foremost about what you can give to them, not what they can buy from you. This will build the trust that is necessary for a successful conversion and hopefully repeat business down the line. 

Reach Your Audience With Video 

Once you know more about your audience, getting your message to them can take many forms. In the past few years, video content has gone from a single marketing tactic to a holistic business strategy, with conversion rates to prove its effectiveness. The numbers show again and again that consumers want to see videos from the brands they follow, for entertainment, information, and — most importantly — the value added to their lives. 

The versatility of video marketing means its potential is unmatched. You can customize videos to showcase your business’s strengths, teach your audience something, or maintain a relationship with your consumer. Videos fit seamlessly into the inbound methodology, which attempts to attract, engage, and delight customers in perpetuity, rather than confronting them with content they don’t need. Depending on your product and how established your company is, different types of videos will fulfill different goals in your marketing campaigns. These can include:

  1. How-tos teach viewers the solutions your product provides to their problems. These are essential in laying the groundwork for future marketing.
  2. Case studies bring satisfied customer testimonials to life, letting customers see real people enjoying your services.
  3. Demos are extremely popular on social media for all manner of products. Unboxing and testing products simultaneously check the boxes for entertaining and informing.
  4. Expert discussions give you the opportunity to build credibility and authority. Tapping leaders in your industry for interviews can provide useful context to your customers.
  5. Animations are a great way to bring tricky concepts to life without live actors. They also attract a wide audience and allow you to exercise creativity in your marketing. 

Video Marketing: Sell Without Selling

It’s not enough to focus on your products alone. The best way to brand your company is to assume the role of an industry expert. Your audience needs to learn from you how you’ll make a difference in their lives before investing in your services. Video marketing is crucial to this endeavor because of its adaptability: videos can fill the gaps at every juncture of a business relationship — from introduction to marketing to sale to follow-up. 

Deciding to invest in video marketing is a great first step, but making compelling and effective marketing videos requires a deep understanding of and expertise in the process. At AJI Media, we know that effective video marketing is more than just pressing record or editing footage. We provide businesses with end-to-end solutions, including strategic planning, full-service production, and targeted distribution. For more information on our results-driven methodology and how it can revolutionize your business, click here.

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