How to Produce an Engaging Virtual Event

Virtual events have grown in popularity dramatically over the past couple of years and have proven to be very effective as a part of a company’s marketing strategy. One of the best parts about this medium is that virtual events hold benefits for both the company and the attendees. For companies, holding a virtual event can increase participation and lower event costs. For attendees, the flexibility of attending a virtual event may make them more apt to attend. However, many virtual events aren’t as effective in engaging the audience as in-person events.

So, the question is: How do you produce an engaging virtual event? Check out some of our expert tips on creating an effective and engaging virtual event!

Start Planning Early for an Engaging Virtual Event

You can never start planning too far in advance of a virtual event. Starting the planning process early will allow for adequate time to work out all the important details, and adapt to any roadblocks that appear. Many companies hold out hope for holding an in-person event too long, and then are forced to quickly transform to a virtual event at the last minute. 

To avoid this crisis, start by planning for a virtual event as part of your event strategy. Make sure not to focus only on the needs of the attendees of the virtual event, but also the potential needs of the speakers. Think through and thoroughly plan what both your attendees and speakers need for an overall successful event.

Focus on Engagement of Your Virtual Audience

Remember, this event is really about the attendees. People are apt to continue to attend virtual events that they walk away feeling like they benefited from or gained something. One of the simplest ways to make the greatest impression and impact is to add engagement features to your virtual event. This could be something like adding an audience chat function where they can provide input and real-time feedback. Another great way to promote audience engagement is to utilize polls or Q&A sessions throughout the virtual event. 

Keep it Simple for an Effective and Engaging Virtual Event

Oftentimes, companies holding events focus too much on technology and ignore the quality of the content they’re providing. While trying new and exciting marketing tactics is always encouraged, it is also important to note that using too many of these engagement features at once can overwhelm the audience in an environment that can already be difficult to navigate. Instead, focus on the quality of your content to create a more compelling viewing experience for your audience. 

Adapt Accordingly and Keep Your Agenda Flexible

Rather than sticking to an agenda that you’ve always used, changing it up keeps things engaging for your audience. Following an agenda that was designed for an in-person event may not work. Start from scratch and create a plan that is specifically designed for a virtual event.

Send out Reminders - This is Key!

A successful and engaging virtual event is all about attendance. To encourage good attendance, send out frequent email reminders. One suggested plan for email reminders is to remind people 2 weeks before, 1 week before, 1 hour before the event, and a reminder when the virtual event is about to begin.

Holding an engaging virtual event takes time and experience to get right. If you’re looking for experts to help you through the process of launching an engaging virtual event, our team is here for you! Reach out today!

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