How TikTok Has Changed the Landscape of Video Production

Social media platforms like TikTok have shifted how we create, consume, and think about videos. The content consumers are the content creators, and everyone is looking to capture genuine moments in the blink of an eye. Because so many are now taking video production more seriously, there’s an expectation for high-quality and engaging videos that don’t shy away from showing personality and creativity. Here’s how the video production industry has changed now that short social media videos are becoming more popular in the world of content creation.

The Future Bends Towards Authenticity

Content consumers crave authenticity, and nothing has proved this more true than the rise of TikTok. Past approaches gave the viewer more perspective on a subject or idea. But the new wave of video creation suggests that you should invite them in on the story. It’s not easy to capture authenticity; it’s not really something you can manufacture by definition. The aim should be to have content that’s not overly produced and has elements of spontaneity without sacrificing quality. It’s a delicate balance that can pay off handsomely if you manage to achieve it.

Establishing Human Connection

Corporate videos of the past won’t hold the attention of today’s viewers. Traditional business video approaches aren’t as valid as they used to be. There must be a heartbeat to the content to engage with the community. Anything overly staged or self-focused will be mostly ignored and considered out of touch. Video production should emphasize the humanity of the video and create a connection with the consumer in a way that doesn’t feel forced or pandering.

Capturing and Holding Attention

If you want a viewer’s attention, you have to fight for it. As much as you hear about attention spans being fragmented over the years, capturing attention is more about what the viewer gets within the video’s first few seconds. And while shorter videos are now becoming an industry norm, video producers have to captivate their audience from the moment they click on their content. With a truly endless sea of options, viewers have no reason to stick around to find out when the video starts to get good.

Robust (Free) Video Editing Tools

Because content creation is so popular, video content creation has never been more straightforward and accessible. Self-serve video production platforms like TikTok can produce quality videos with a user-friendly experience. Creating video content is no longer for those who can afford the expensive software and computers; it’s for everyone. The rise of free video creation technology has given more people an opportunity to share their stories with the world. And the world has made it clear that they’re hungry for more.

The rise of easy and free video editing also pairs well with a video production strategy. During the process of having a more professional-quality video created in partnership with a video production company, your content creation doesn’t have to lapse. Shorter, more DIY-style videos can keep the content coming and provide a good mix of polished and authentic. 

In Summary 

Social media and video production now go hand-in-hand, and anyone interested in creating videos should take advantage of platforms like TikTok. However, just because content creation is for everyone doesn’t mean just anyone will still be successful at it. Many of the same video production rules still apply – people will gravitate towards quality, spectacle, and exciting narratives. However, focusing on new trends in video production can help creators and businesses stay relevant with contemporary content consumers.

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