Event Recap Video

It takes months or more to plan out a well-organized event. You want all of that hard work to live on well past the duration of the event. After your event ends, a recap video keeps the buzz alive!

What Makes a Good Recap Video?

A good event recap video captures the essence of an event. It’s basically your event’s own personal hype video that shows the people, sights, sounds, and energy of your event. Although recap videos are shown after an event, you should start thinking about them way before the event even starts. Think about:

  • What event features should be captured?
  • Are there particular individuals or keynote talks to feature?
  • With who and where will you share the recap video?

You should know exactly what footage you need heading into an event and give yourself the opportunity to acquire as much as possible!

Use Them Over and Over

Recap videos create excellent evergreen content. You can share these for years to come across your socials, incorporate them onto culture pages, and/or use them to promote future events. By capturing the event essence, you’ll be able to replicate the emotions attendees felt at the event when they view the recap video. If it’s being used to promote the event the following year, creating an emotional response can really help drive up attendance.

Event recap videos may seem like something you can go without in the moment, but in hindsight, you’ll wish you had the footage. You can’t go wrong with putting in the extra effort that’ll give your event an everlasting life. These videos will help you, your event, and your business in the long run!

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