How to Improve Creative Thinking for Video

The concept of writer’s block is really something that applies across most creative fields. It should be called ‘Creativity Block’. And we know it is a real thing, as it happens to even the most gifted of video creators. There’s nothing to be ashamed about experiencing it either. After all, creativity hits us when it wants to! But there is something you can do to get those creative juices flowing once again when it comes to video creation, and they are conveniently outlined right here for you!

Experience Content You Typically Avoid.

We’ve all heard the phrase “travel broadens the mind”, right? It’s proven to be true because experiencing different cultures; customs, food, and daily life shows us that the way we live doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best or only way to live. Travel literally opens up doors, and the same can be achieved with the content we consume.

Read, view, and absorb video content you normally wouldn’t.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what a target audience likes and creating video content that engages with them, based on that. But eventually, monotony can set in, and to be seen as innovative, you have to adapt. Or at least be willing to adapt. And the best way to do this is to view videos created by people you don’t know, on unfamiliar topics and made with totally different target audiences in mind.

Join A Group

These days especially, it’s extremely tempting to stay within a small group of people. Our social bubbles have shrunk and that lack of diversity and exposure can have very detrimental effects on our creativity.

Join a group of other video creators or people who are involved in creating content at least. That newfound sense of community will do wonders in firing up your creativity once again. Be prepared to bounce ideas off people and most importantly, listen.

An exchange of ideas is invaluable to both sides, no matter what type of content you create. The beauty of this today is that there are plenty of professional social media opportunities to do this.

Stop Worrying About Failing

We all face this in our lives, and it’s easy to tell someone to not worry about failure, but it’s very hard to actually do it. Most rational humans are risk-averse – we don’t like being uncomfortable, trying something new, or learning from failure.

We need to switch out the idea of “learning from failure” to “learning from trying”. Start looking at failure as a success, because at least now you know that way won’t work next time!

When it comes to making videos be prepared to push yourself and try something you haven’t done before. Try new filming techniques, new editing software, new lighting, new equipment, new locations – anything!

Think of hitting a creativity wall as a sign that you need to change something.

AJI Media Can Help Improve Your Video Creativity!

The experts at AJI Media have experienced every scenario when it comes to creativity for video. They have years of expertise and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t with audiences. Their teams of creators and editors have all the latest equipment, software, and know-how to create videos for literally anyone.

Reach out anytime – we’re here to help!

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