Company Update Video

If you have an important update you’d like to blast out either internally or to your customers, you want to make sure your message will be heard! But sometimes your everyday emails or social media posts might not do the trick. Creating a company update video is a great way to increase the chances your message is being heard by the right ears.

We’ve all done it- maybe you “read” that company email, but didn’t really read it. Or you were scrolling too fast and you missed something important among all of the words being thrown at you.

Videos are a great way to help ensure your updates are getting across to your desired audience. Going the extra length to create a video to share your message helps bring that message a sense of importance. Videos are also more eye-catching to people who are scrolling through your social media. A company update video verse a text post will garnish much more attention.

You can put low or high production value into these videos based on the update’s importance. There is also a great opportunity to use a voiceover. You can use emphasis and character in your voiceover to really drive certain points home. Videos are an effective and relatively easy way to help share and spread your message while making it more entertaining for the viewer, whether that’s your own employees or your consumers.

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