AJI Media Launches New Events Division

Hi, it’s Tony. I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening here at AJI Media!

As you may or may not know, for the last three years we’ve pretty much just been doing video- lots of marketing videos like company profiles, product demos, training videos, and others like that. Then we started getting more into the event space where we’ve done a lot of event recaps, tons of event teasers, presentation captures, and even a REALLY good amount of live streaming.

Meetings and Events Division

In the event space, we’ve noticed a lot of opportunities so we recently decided to launch our own meetings and events division. This is going to handle anything from creative theme development to technical direction, to full AV equipment and crewing support.

We don’t see it as too much of a departure from what we’ve been doing. At the end of the day, it’s just really about helping businesses communicate with their audience. Whether that’s through a video or a live event, it really makes no difference. BUT we are excited to see how we can combine the two. There’s a lot of really great technology in the event space with screens and projection mapping and we’re excited to see how we can integrate video as well.

Events and Video

In addition, events are a great way for companies to capture video. The demand for video has actually never been higher than it is right now. So what better opportunity than when you have an entire company (and sometimes their customer base!) converging at one location to capture content. It’s the best time to get testimonials, event footage, capture lectures, presentations, etc. We think it’s going to work out really well and we’re really excited to get going!

It’s still early stages. We’re getting things together- we just got a new warehouse and a new office space. We needed a bigger space because we’ve taken on a very large audio/visual inventory and we’re going to be adding some people to the team. Up until now, everything’s been done out of a (mainly) post-production location that supports our video capture.

We’re excited and hoping to be up and running by fall!

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