2020 Projected Video Marketing Trends

As we start to wrap up the year, we’ll also be wrapping up the DECADE. Let’s put that into perspective- in 2010, the first-ever Galaxy S and the iPhone 4 were released. And Instagram? That wouldn’t even be a thing until the end of the year… how insane is that!? We’ve come so far in 10 years it has to make you wonder: what’s in store for video marketing at the beginning of a whole new decade?

The technology world is crazily evolving making the uses for video boundless. In 2020, video will take on more uses than ever before- and who knows where we’ll be by 2030!? However, there ARE 4 video uses you’ll definitely be seeing much more of in 2020.

360 Videos

We’re all pretty aware of 360 pictures, but what about 360 videos? VR lets you interact and move inside of a virtual world, whereas 360 videos give a full-circle real-life view. These videos are becoming increasingly more popular and give the viewer an immersive feeling of the full surroundings. The viewer has the ability to look in any direction as the video plays. Imagine getting to show off your best events to potential clients as if they’re there themselves! Right now only a few platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo support 360 videos, but that’s expected to change in 2020. Which if you ever watched a 360 video, you’ll get why. They’re really awesome.

Shoppable Video

These could be your best, or if you’re like me, worst friend. These types of videos will allow you to purchase items from the video your viewing without having to even leave the platform. Companies have seen great conversion rates with shoppable videos. Instagram and Facebook have already started to integrate these features, but mainly with pictures. Third party platforms are pushing the development of shoppable videos and with the huge success they’re having, you can definitely expect to see this feature used more universally in 2020.

Interactive Videos

Two of the most difficult parts of video marketing are maintaining the viewers attention and creating engagement. Interactive videos, where the viewer gets to choose the direction of the video through a series of clickable options that appear on the screen, does both effortlessly. They’re a lot of fun for the viewer and they give companies unique insights to their audience. There are sites, like Eko.com, that has an extensive library of interactive videos from cartoons, to dramas, to cooking and crafts. In each of the videos the viewer gets to choose the actions of the characters, the ingredients they want in the dish, or the craft they’d like to create. Currently, a big hurdle with interactive videos is that they can only be shown on interactive platforms. Although, with future integration and technology advancements, we expect to see growth in both the creation of these videos as well as where they’re able to be hosted.

Demo Videos

Tons of companies are ditching their paper and written instructions for a simple link to watch a demo video on how to use their service, a new feature, or how to assemble their products. Demo videos ease customers’ frustrations and provide a direct fix-it source. It’s 10x easier for customers to assemble products while following a video than following pictures. These videos have statistically improved the user experience, all while saving companies quite the pretty penny. Companies are alleviated of the manpower and time that’s needed to answer all of the questions a quick video can cover. And the benefits stretch from the business to the marketing side. An updated video can easily be applied as the product upgrades without needing to change packaging materials. And that’s just the start! Demo videos are a smart move for any company- financially and logistically.

We’re excited to move into this new era of video marketing. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as new platforms arise and technology continues to evolve. We hope you’ll be on the ride with us!

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