Why You Should Add Video to Your 2023 Marketing Plan

Video marketing is nothing new as we move into 2023, but its impact on the digital world is increasing daily. Whereas before, video was a great extra to incorporate into your overall marketing strategy, it has become as much an essential as having a website or social media presence. 

In this blog, we’re covering some of the main selling points of video for your 2023 marketing plan and showing why exactly your organization – no matter the industry – should be taking advantage. 

Video Conveys 

When you incorporate video content into your overall marketing strategy, you open up a whole new ability to showcase and explain products, topics, and more to your audience. Whereas still images, infographics, blogs, and audio content may be able to explain more simplistic topics, video far outperforms these methods when it comes to sharing and explaining complex topics. 

In fact, 98% of users say that they’ve watched an explainer video to understand a new product or service they’ve purchased. That’s a whopping amount of views and brand awareness you can capture if you’re willing to put together content about your own offerings. 

It doesn’t have to be a product or service based video to be helpful to your audience. Say your industry is complicated or it’s something that the average person doesn’t understand very well. If you create a video explaining it, you position yourself as the industry expert and are able to build a reputation as a thought leader in your space. 

Video Performs 

It should come as no surprise going into 2023 that video is a non-negotiable in most industries these days. Whether you’re selling, informing, educating, or entertaining, video is king – and for good reason. It works! 

Consider the overall media trends these days – People are watching video content more than ever before. We’re on smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. for longer hours and many of those weekly hours are spent consuming video content. So it makes sense that video is performing better than other types of media. We’re simply watching video more!

More specifically for a business marketing strategy, 83% of businesses say that their investment in video has had a good ROI,  and studies show that video can increase clicks, sales, and conversion when used on a website landing page. It’s no wonder why businesses are prioritizing video content more and more as time goes on. Despite the initial investment, video is trending to outperform other types of content more at a rapid rate as we approach the end of 2022.

Video Captivates 

Video content has the unique ability to draw the audience in, in a way that other forms of media content do not. They say that you only have a few seconds to make a first impression, and video allows a more dynamic appeal for the audience’s attention in those first few moments of their viewership. 

Whether it’s a fast-paced video about a new action movie, or a slow video featuring the latest skincare products, video allows you to capture their attention and convey all kinds of messages while you’ve got it. 

From sales to entertainment, video is simply more likely to keep them interested for a longer period of time. With more time, you can multiply the impact your content can have exponentially when compared to a static ad, photo, or graphic.

Video is the Key to 2023 Marketing

Regardless of your industry or niche, the marketing world is moving toward video. Social platforms are aligning themselves with a more integrated video experience, and video content is growing as the most viewed type of content on the internet. 

As we transition into the new year, video is becoming even more essential for brands focused on growth and relevancy. 

If you’re looking for a video production team to guide you through the process of incorporating video content into your marketing strategy, look no further than AJI Media. We’ll strategize, plan, produce, and help distribute your video for the maximum ROI, all with the professional touch you’d expect from experts in the industry. 

Reach out anytime for a quote for your 2023 video marketing plans! 

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