How to Plan for a Successful Corporate Event

Producing an event is a huge undertaking regardless of its size, so your team should take the preparation process seriously to have the best possible outcome. Before you can dive into the specifics of selecting the keynote speaker or determining what kind of food and drinks you’ll serve, it is critical to have a solid plan in place. 

The planning and strategizing stage of your event is where you’ll set a few imperative guidelines for your event:

1. Budget 

2. Schedule

3. Vision


If we can offer one piece of advice for your organization’s first event, it would be that your budget should be the first consideration after deciding to have an event of some kind. As anyone who has had a big wedding can attest, events can become incredibly expensive when left unchecked. The reason we suggest starting here is that even with an incredible goal and purpose for the event, if you can’t afford to hold the event, you can’t afford it. There is very little wiggle room if the funds simply aren’t there. 

Your budget will help to inform every single decision that you choose to make going forward with your planning for the event. Sometimes this looks like a dollar amount that you absolutely must stay underneath, or in many cases it can be a range of what you anticipate spending. Whatever your budget looks like, just make sure that you have one in place. 

When building your budget, consider that you’ll need to include the costs for elements like – 

  • Venue 
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Entertainment
  • Staff
  • Decor
  • Marketing
  • Audio-Visual
  • And More!


Once you have chosen a budget or budget range, you’ll want to consider the timeline. This is as much for knowing the date and time your event will be held as for giving your team a timeline to know when each element of preparation will need to be completed. 


Now, this is the fun part. With money and logistics out of the way for now, your team can begin to brainstorm what the event will entail. 

For this step, start with nailing down the purpose and ultimate goal of the event. Are you looking to entertain? To educate? To sell? Once you have identified the goal of the event, your choices will be informed by their contribution, or lack thereof, to this end goal. 

Filling in the Gaps 

As soon as you’ve set those first few guidelines for your corporate event, you’ll want to begin filling in the gaps. This is where we get to things like branding, theming, speakers, food, venue, staffing, supplies, vendors, etc. It is helpful to build your selection process into your schedule as well to ensure all important details are ironed out before the last minute so you have plenty of time to prepare every element. 

For many businesses looking to plan a great event, this is also where they may choose to hire an event coordinator. This valuable member of your event team will – as their title would suggest – coordinate your event on the day, and ensure things run smoothly and in accordance with the plan you’ve worked to craft. 

Reporting & Analysis

As you’re rounding out your strategy and plan, don’t forget to plan for after the event. This is where you can step back and take a look at how well the event performed and how well it achieved your set goal and purpose. 

Depending on your initial goal, there are many ways to determine the success or failure of your corporate event. You may be looking at the number of attendees. Maybe how many contacts you gained from the event. Or potentially you’re looking at sales, overall satisfaction or website visits.

Whatever your measurement, think about how you’ll evaluate the event before it ever happens. This way, you have a clear idea of what you’re aiming for and will be able to analyze the results effectively. 

Plan for Success with AJI Media

The planning process is crucial for any event project, but you don’t have to do it alone. Event production companies, like our team at AJI Media, offer comprehensive event planning, production, and reporting services to make the most of your corporate events.

Whether you choose to create an event on your own or partnering with a professional event production team, make sure it’s one that will be remembered for years to come!

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