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Why your business needs a company story video.

The primary function of a Company Story video is to build trust with your audience by humanizing your brand. This must be a part of your video marketing strategy whether you’re a newcomer to the market or an already established player. A story-driven or “docu-marketing” film invites your audience to look behind the curtain and see what makes you tick—what it is that drives you. It allows them to experience your product or service through story. This creates a strong emotional connection with your brand and cuts much deeper than facts or figures.
Maybe you have heard the old adage, “People buy from people.” A Company Story video lets your audience meet you before you meet them. Allowing them to see you in your environment and meet the people behind your business makes you more than just another faceless brand. More and more, people are making purchasing decisions based on emotion over reason. Visual storytelling allows you to appeal to their heart; not just their bottom line.

3 Keys to Success

Keep it Personal

Authenticity prevails above all else

Play to Your Strengths

Focus on what’s really unique about your company

Keep it Brief

Between two and three minutes seems to be the sweet spot


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The Power of Your Brand

The power of a brand can be defined by its ability to connect with customers. Outside of face-to-face interaction, the most universal and effective medium we have for building connections is video. Every second of a customer interaction is critical, and video-based messaging will always be more engaging and appealing for the modern consumer than plain text or static images. 

AJI has been in the business for a long time and witnessed the evolution of video as a brand messaging medium. What’s become abundantly clear is that companies that can effectively communicate their mission and their values through a brand story film stand the best chance of creating meaningful and lasting impressions with customers. That’s why company story videos are such powerful tools when done right.

What Goes into Company Story Videos?

Every company is fundamentally about people. No matter the size or industry, business is done by everyday people working together to make it happen. 

Company story videos bring the stories of its people to life in a way that coalesces into the greater vision of the company itself. Typically, a brand story video will include founders, executives, and team members talking testimonial-style about what their company is all about. It’s a tactic that has been proven to be effective for building trust – customers want to see real people they can see, hear, and relate to.

A brand story video may also feature footage of your workspace, business operations or products in action. Above all, every piece of content that is included in the video should be in service of a narrative that is clear, informative, and meaningful. AJI’s experienced video producers can help you craft a narrative that will create an up close and personal connection with your viewers. 

What Makes a Great Brand Story Video? 

When a customer clicks on a video link to your company story video, they are expecting a message that is both compelling and relevant to them – otherwise, they’ll tune out. Here are the ways that AJI will ensure that your brand film hits all the right notes.

  • Focus on what matters to the customer. That means hitting the biggest challenges and pain points that your customers face. We will use our expertise to find the best way to weave these issues into the flow of the video. 
  • Impress with production value.  Great production value positions you as a professional organization – bad production value screams amateur hour. AJI has years of video production experience and a wealth of technical knowledge to help you make a positive impression on your customer. 
  • Bring the emotion. Any great story has a component of emotional resonance. Finding the right key can be tricky – We will help make sure your story comes across as honest and genuine, rather than contrived or scripted. 
  • Make it original. A brand film should capture the essence of what makes a company unique. Whether it’s highlighting a great culture, showcasing technological wizardry, or demonstrating outstanding customer service, AJI will make sure that whatever sets your company apart is something that shines through your brand story video. 

We start with "why?"

We find out how your brand was born, what inspired you to create the company and what makes your solutions different then the competitors. Once we understand the nuances of your message we craft those subtleties into a compelling narrative. Effective storytelling takes your viewer on a journey that leads to the product, service or culture you are trying to promote.

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