Characteristics of a Great Explainer Video

An explainer video are a great way to quickly and effectively communicate a message to an audience. Whether used to explain a product, service, or concept, they can help to quickly break down complex topics into more digestible information. 

These types of videos often use a combination of visuals, audio, and text to explain the topic at hand, and are designed to be engaging and informative. Explainers are typically used in marketing and education, and can be published on a variety of platforms successfully depending on the goals for the video. 

But what characteristics make for a highly effective explainer video? In this blog, we’re diving into the anatomy of an excellent explainer video and how to make the most of them for your business or organization. 

Short and Concise

A great explainer video should be concise and to the point – ideally around 90 seconds or less. It should clearly state the purpose of the video and what the audience will learn by watching. The video should also be visually engaging, with a unique and recognizable style that will help to draw in viewers.

Imagine that you are a casual user of a product and you’re scouring the internet for an explanation of how – let’s say a vacuum cleaner – works. You don’t care about every intricate mechanic, but you do want to understand the general idea. That is the mindset you want to have as you create an explainer video for your product or service. Just the essential information presented in a digestible – Nothing more, nothing less. 

Excellent Script

The script should be well-written and packed with useful information. It should be easy to follow, avoiding jargon and technical terms wherever possible. If possible, it can be particularly valuable to consult with someone outside of your company – whether a friend, family member, or a video production team – to have them provide feedback on the complexity of your script. If they can’t understand what you’re trying to convey, that’s a good indication that something needs to be changed. 

Call to Action

A great explainer video should also have an effective call to action. This could be a link to a website, a product page, or something else. Whatever the call to action is, it should be simple and clear, and leave viewers with a clear understanding of what they need to do next. 

For example, do you want the viewer to visit your website? Buy your product or service? Explore their offerings? This is the place to communicate the desired behavior to the viewer in a way that is concise, compelling, and ultimately motivates them to move to action. 

Explainers as a Powerful Tool

Creating a great explainer video requires a lot of thought and planning, especially to create one that your audience will actually want to watch. But if done correctly, it can be an incredibly powerful tool for communicating a message to an audience.

Unsure of where to begin with creating an explainer video that rocks? Reach out a video production company like our team at AJI Media to have support through every step of the way.

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