3 Strategies for Connecting with Your Video Audience

Your brand can have the most thought-out, perfectly-planned, and flawlessly-produced video content, but if it isn’t connecting with your target audience, it isn’t doing its job. Your video content, and truly any content your company or organization is putting out into the world should be created and shared with that end viewer in mind at all times. Not just who they are, but what they want and the things that will resonate with them as they consume content. 

Connection can be built into just about any kind of video project, but isn’t not something that happens by accident. The best, most engaging and relatable content is video that was built from day-one with the intention of establishing a relationship with the viewers of that content. 

How can you incorporate connection into your organization’s video content? Here are a few solid methods to get you started. 

1. Use Clear, Concise Language

A sure-fire way to lose your audience’s attention is by confusing them. Viewers look to brands to clarify and educate on complex topics rather than add to the noise. 

If you’re able to break through the confusion and speak to the audience in a way that simplifies and makes sense of a topic, trend, product, service, etc., then you immediately stand apart from the crowd and become the voice that they want to listen to and engage with in your niche. 

Another way to use your language to connect with the audience is by answering their specific questions. When you do this, you are not only helping them understand more about your brand or offerings, but you’re able to incorporate their verbiage around your brand into the way you speak to them. It makes things more simple to understand, and shows your audience that you’re listening!

Your video marketing is not the place to show off how much you know – it’s where you can take advantage of an opportunity to explain things in a way that resonates with your viewers. 

2. Use Strong, Engaging Visuals

Visuals are a powerful tool for capturing and holding your audience’s attention, and by thinking strategically about how you use them in your video marketing, your brand can unlock another layer of connection with your audience. 

By using high-quality, engaging visuals that clearly convey your message, you are able to increase the amount of learning your viewer takes away from your video and often make it a more memorable (We call it “sticky”) experience. 

For example, if you run a business that does electrical work, you can absolutely talk about how electrical wiring works in a standard house. But even more compelling would be to use visual aids in your video to show rather than tell – or perhaps in addition to telling – the audience how electrical wiring works.

3. Be Authentic and Relatable

In today’s highly digital world, this one is critical. In a world full of digital ads and video marketing, yours needs to stand apart from the majority and make an impact on your target audience. Arguably the best way to do that, aside from creating thoughtful content, is to be authentic in your approach to video. 

Show your audience that you are an organization made up of real people with real experiences and emotions. Share your own stories and experiences, and be genuine and authentic in your interactions with your audience. Your audience will absolutely see and appreciate the difference. 

Creating a meaningful relationship with your audience doesn’t have to be a stressful goal when you’re getting into producing great video content, but it does need to be a conscious effort. With a bit of preplanning and listening to your viewers, you’ll be able to build significant rapport as you grow your organization’s video marketing presence. 

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